it’s all about me

pixies & porcupines was established in May 2011 by >me< chicago designer and smart aleck savant, Nancy Flemm. Through letterpress and silk screen I spawn rabble rousing goods that are sure to bully you into a twisted smile. I believe you should tell people you care by taunting them at life’s biggest moments!

The beginnings of a silver-tongued minx started when I came across a sun-times ad directing me personally to draw a turtle and send it in for a critique. I did and 6 weeks later my fate was decided. Fancy that. I was a rockstar colorer and freshly critiqued artist so off I went to college for graphic design. After college I fell into 60+ hour work weeks in the viciously flashy world of advertising. I desperately needed to goof off! So I channeled William Shakespeare to write my prolific entrance essay. Weeks later I answered a call from professor Keith Howard, who with his heavy aussie accent, extended acceptance into RIT‘s elite and exclusive non-toxic printmaking program. I spent two glorious years as a brooding artist filling my days etching, figure drawing, talking about the sublime and perfecting my inappropriate wit.

After grad school I decided my best career success hinged on rip roaring belly laughing. In 2011 I took a letterpress class at Evanston Print & Paper and became an addict. pixies & porcupines feeds my need to spend hours looking at vintage art and thinking of snarky greetings. My cards are letterpress printed on a Vandercook with a dash of unicorn blood to make them extra special. I print everything myself on 100% post-consumer recycled paper made in the good ole US of A. Although I have no filter I do have a social conscious. I want people to know by sharing my cards they are kinda like vigilante super heros. People liked that and wanted more. So in 2012  I expanded to include silk screened bags and t-shirts. Who knows next year maybe I’ll expand into neck tattoos!

I express profound gratitude and sympathy for those enduring my tormented mind. This collection drew upon the energy and madness of an impressionable adolescent having to stay after class for a smart mouth. The wrath of my obsessively controlling mind taught me that art isn’t just tracing our minds’ vision but allowing it an adolescence. Prepare to be dazzled by huge packages, cougars with furry muffs, chocolate long johns and skanks. Have a great summer and KIT!