Thank you, thank you, thank you!

pixies & porcupines would not be possible without the support
of an incredibly selfless cast of characters.

You are a filmmaking Saint; I want to put you on my dashboard.
No matter how late I am, you still manage to put my ridiculous creations on film!

Aimee Freeding
You are the funniest person I know.
I often think wwafd, and then I order a side of breakfast sausage.

Amy Phillips
You are a creative genus! [maniacal laughter]
I write my sauciest cards after a night of crude girl talk and unlimited vodka gimlets.

Doug Ringwald
You are my zen master.
Thanks to you I found my joy, a chocolate covered cougar and a naughty skank.

Eileen Madden and Vanessa Shaf
You two letterpress chippies are fearless!
Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your empire!

Gary Blatt
You are my online super hero!
You swing from web to web, saving people’s sites.

Kelly Brunick
You are my biggest cheerleader!
When my spirit fingers dim you’re there to primp me with glitter.

Matt Lee
You are freaking awesome.
Thanks for reading my stuff and laughing.
And I’ve still never bought a hooker.
Not even for research.

Sarah Vaun
You are a real life She-vil Knievel!
Archery, scuba, mud wresting, tattoos, motorcycles and dirty boys oh my.
Thank you for pushing me off the edge.

Tammy Grusin
You are a real miracle worker!
With a wave of your magic wand you helped put lipstick on my pig.

Vicki Crain
You are a freestyle supporter.
You’re not only the writer of the best dance blog ever but also but my best customer.

And thank you to little baby Jesus.